• What is TradeXMarkets?

    Our company was founded in 2019 with some other shareholders.

    We have been in the field of investing, speculating in the stock market and recently added a great team to profit from cryptocurrency spreads.

    Having exceeded our experience and with the increase in the areas of competitive profitability, we opened the first online platform of the company to expand our activities around the world.

    And here we are continuing to work hard to gain more experiences to satisfy our online investors and our offline investors alike.

  • Is the company's business legal?

    Our company is internationally licensed and has all the documents sufficient to conduct financial and commercial activities.

  • Who can invest in the company?

    Anyone who has reached the legal age in their country can become an investor and benefit from all the advantages of our investment.

  • Would I be able to make more than one account?

    It is illegal to have more than one account for one financial backer, you've to make and use just one account.

    Our control administration takes a look at each registration and assuming several accounts are observed that contain the same user information, all of these accounts will be suspended and the funds also are additionally getting suspended.

  • What to do if I can't sign in to my account or lose my password?

    Initially, you need to use our forgot password page to demand the password and this page will assist you with resetting the password to get to your account. Otherwise, you can contact our support to get the guidelines.

  • How can I secure my account?

    Use the official website of the company only and choose a strong password for your account.

    Do not write your account information on any other sites.

    Activate Google's two-factor authentication.

  • How might I change my wallet address or password?

    You can change your wallet address or password from Edit Account page on your dashboard.

  • What should I do if I receive an email asking me to specify my username and password?

    Do not reply to such email, and in no case should you give out your data or account information to strangers.

    Be smart, some scammers may present themselves as our employees, we will never ask you for your account information nor will we talk to you first.

  • Is the initial deposit returned at the end of the term?

    Yes, your initial deposit returns after the plan period expires

  • Are profits paid regularly on all days?

    The profit is paid daily according to the investment plan every day without delay throughout the year.

  • What are the minimum and maximum I am able to invest?

    The minimum deposit is $30.

    The maximum is $25,000.

  • How long does it require for a deposit to be added to my account?

    PerfectMoney or ePayCore, your deposit will be in your account immediately.

    Cryptocurrency deposit will be added to your account after we get affirmations from a cryptocurrency network.

    If your deposit wasn't added within 48 hours, kindly contact our Support Or Livechat.

  • How often will I be able to deposit into my account regularly?

    You can invest whenever you want and any number of times, choosing different payments or the same operations.

  • Can I reinvest profits from my account balance?

    To reinvest your earnings from your account balance, follow the instructions: login to your account and from deposit page you can choose deposit from balance.

  • How quick are withdrawals processed?

    All withdrawals are processed regularly in a period ranging from 6 hours to a maximum of 48 hours.

  • What is the minimum amount I am allowed to withdraw?

    The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the payment system you used.

    $5 for BTC, $30 for ETH and ERC20 and $0.1 for all of others.

  • Can I release/cancel my deposits?

    Yes, you can cancel your deposit at any time but after 24 hours of investment with 20% fee.

  • Do you charge withdrawal fees?

    No, we don’t charge any withdrawal fees.

  • Can I deposit money in one e-currency and withdraw in another?

    No, we don’t provide e-currency exchange services. You can receive only the same currency that you have used to open a deposit.

  • Do you have a Referral program?

    Yes, and we've four-levels referral program. You can check our affiliates page for more informations.

  • Can I receive a referral bonus without being an active investor?

    Yes, you do not need an active deposit to participate to our referral program.

  • Do you pay the referral bonuses if I deposit my balance?

    Yes, when you make a deposit from your account balance, the referral bonus is paid to your upline in full.

  • What payment system will be available for withdrawing the referral bonus?

    You will be able to withdraw your referral bonus in the same payment system that your downline used to make this deposit.